To Love-Ru Darkness Fanservice AMV

When it comes to fanservice anime, there’s To Love-Ru Darkness, and then there’s everything else.

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This second edition is almost twice as long as the original, covers all four OVAs in addition to the TV series and is sorted by character.  Unlike many other top ecchi series such as Seikon no Qwaser, To Love-Ru Darkness received some very high quality 1080p BD rips that did justice to it’s impressive art and production values.

The quality on this version is slightly better than the previous version I released as back then I was clueless with how to handle 1080p in Sony Vegas and was also using a lesser source.

In terms of having the “total package” – art, animation, source encoding quality, fanservice / nudity volume, fanservice / nudity quality all with a pinch of daring and risque scenes – To Love-Ru Darkness adds up to an awesome source material.  In my opinion, To Love-Ru Darkness is the very best fanservice compilation video I’ve yet made.

And what gets me pumped is knowing that the inevitable follow up anime season to Darkness will be even better.  I’ve been reading through the Darkness manga recently and it just gets better and better as it goes along.  The early parts of the Darkness manga which this anime covers actually feel tame in comparison to the more recent chapters.