Triage X to get anime



Triage X  is created by Shouji Sato, who is of course also affiliated with High School of the Dead .  Sato also founded Digital Accel Works, a glorious hentai doujin group that often borrows the same art style you see above.

Sato’s writing leaves a lot to be desired, but his art is second to none and I always loved how his manga had almost a “hollywood movie” kind of feel to them. His manga always have anime level art, too.  Quite honestly, I am surprised this manga took so long to get green-lit considering the popularity of High School of the Dead .

I thought Madhouse did a superb job adapting High School of the Dead .  Not only did the art do full justice to the manga, but they kept all the best nude scenes and even added a a couple nude shots that weren’t in the manga version.  Obviously, as ecchi fans you would like to see this anime handled by a company like Asread, A.C.G.T., TNK, or ARMS, but if Madhouse ends up getting it, I’d trust them to do the anime right.

Sato’s hentai roots occasionally revealed themselves in High School of the Dead  and Triage X  is quite a bit more ecchi still.  Every volume so far has found a way to sneak at least one nude scene in there, and it’s added up to a semi-respectable amount of fanservice.  The Triage X  manga has basically about as much nudity per volume as FREEZING  does.

There’s enough eye candy and action in Triage X  for it to be picked up by a mainstream production company who opts for a non-nude production.  But there’s also enough spank material for it to be worthy of an Ikkitousen  or FREEZING  style adaptation that takes liberties.  Given how the industry is trending away from ecchi lately, it will be very interesting to see how this manga adaptation is handled.

Of course, for all we know this announcement could be for just a single OVA.  I hope not.  This manga deserves a TV series.

In other news, it looks like Horriblesubs is back up, though unfortunately it seems Nyaa torrents is still down.  My assumption is that Nyaa will be back some day, but it’s troubling to hear that they’ve now “split” with Horriblesubs “for now” and seemingly lack a timetable for return.

In the meantime, Tokyo Toshokan and Anime Tosho have been mentioned as quality torrent alternatives.